WORDS BY savage thrills

What is not to love about gritty surf rock it just makes you want to bust out of your skin and pull shapes on the kitchen dance floor. Hailing from California new band Sweet Tooth has captured a quality sound. Let’s start with the vocals. Even though the style of music is quite different, these vocals are reminiscent of the mighty Grinspoon’s frontman Phil Jamieson. Smooth transcendence is the best way to describe this voice and everything else falls into place. [With] driving guitars and well-thought percussion, Foreign Man is a track that grows on you with each listen.



Sweet Tooth is Jacob Schrimpf (vocals/guitar), Trevor Barber (bass/vocals) and Kevin Bingham (drums). The band are a straightforward rock band who released a three-song EP Caviar.

The band get going with “Foreign Man.” They takes cues from a band like The White Stripes mixed with the start and stop action of a song like “Should I Stay or Should I Go” by The Clash. It’s a no frills rock song. Bingham’s style on the drums seemed to be more influenced by a drummer like John Bonham. The guitar and bass style aligns with the aforementioned bands and Schrimpf delivers on vocals.

“Finger” takes a slightly different approach. The first thirty-seconds sounds like a near perfect combination of blues rock mixed with The Beatles. The changes are a little jarring and unexpected. For example the light clean guitar that launches into a more distorted section. It was a formidable attempt at merging dynamics and range.

“Light Years” was the highlight to my ears. The song felt fluid, seamless and had a great groove. I also thought the hooks were on point along with the guitar solo. On top of that I had a harder time picking up on specific influences which I think is a good thing. 

Caviar was a solid three-song EP that got my attention. The band still has a lot to prove but the songs were all well written and delivered. I think the band is probably still sorting out their sound a bit or this EP was supposed to display some of their versatility.

Take a listen.